Welcome to ChorusDS

Welcome to the ChorusDS music controller software for the Mac (10.6+), iPhone and iPad.  It is designed to control the Linn DS system only.

It will also allow the scheduling of events such as radio stations to wake you up in the morning. 

It will also act as a server for your iTunes music library if you wish it to.  Provide a Plug-n-Play compatible media server including automatic extraction of artwork.



iPad and iPhone

These “control points” are designed to be as simple as possible but also reasonably functional.  I use my wife and kids as crash test dummies, along with assorted guests.  If they cannot use it within seconds then I redo it!  It is all single click where possible.  It is not designed for the super user, but ordinary day-day user.  I hope you enjoy it.  The Mac version is free to download and will remain so. 

The current version is design for and tested against Cara 6 (3.6.9)  Davaar 1 (3.7.1) Twonky 5.1.3 and Asset and of course the ChorusDS server. However Twonky 6 performs much better with Chorus.


Download the latest s/w from the download page

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